Call Recording

Call Recording

We know that your employees are your priority. These days, dispute resolution, legislation and compliance mean that your company and your employees could benefit from a call recording system within your organisation. When it comes to call logging, call recording, quality monitoring, workforce optimisation and CTI systems we’ve got the latest technology that you need.

Benefits that you’ll love:

  • Helps you achieve regulatory compliance
  • Delivers quality monitoring
  • Improves operational performance
  • Protects your business and your employees
  • Provides invaluable evidence of transactions
  • Aids dispute resolution
  • Own recording access

Features that we love:

  • Manual and automated tagging of calls
  • Team, individual and extension searches
  • Fully integrated call management
  • Quality assurance options
  • Customisable wallboard displays
  • AES encryption for additional security
  • PCI compliant