Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

All businesses whether large or small, corporate or local government have identified that tracking will improve business productivity and profitability, reduce overtime claims and fuel expenses, analyse wear and tear on company vehicles and more.

With recent changes in the law, such as The Corporate Manslaughter Act, Working Time Directive and Duty of Care, businesses using GPS tracking solutions can also ensure they address the ever tightening legislation.

At Scotphone ICS we can provide a full fleet management system that tracks all aspects of vehicles and plans their usage wherever they are.

Want to know how you could benefit from our vehicle tracking solutions?

Reduced fuel costs through:

  • encouraging good driver behaviour
  • eliminating unauthorised usage of company vehicles outside of business hours
  • reducing unnecessary idling time
  • more efficient journey planning

Reduced overtime claims by:

  • validation through reports
  • reduced administration
  • reduced disputes with employed/owner drivers

Save on insurance costs through:

  • reduced premiums
  • accurate validation of insurance claims

Save on van drivers tax – P11D

  • save £448 per van on Class 1A National Insurance contributions

Defined business / private mileage

  • easily differentiate between business and private mileage

Improved customer invoicing by:

  • generating accurate invoicing though detailed reports
  • reduce all telephone charges as locations of vehicles are always known

Improved productivity by:

  • more efficient management and closer monitoring of all field based employees