Phone Systems

Phone Systems

SCOTPHONE ics are an official partner of LG Ericsson. The IPECS IP telephone platform, from LG Ericsson, enables us to provide many of the systems you need to keep your business running, at its most efficient.

Systems Maintenance

We provide a comprehensive range of telephone system maintenance packages to meet our various customers requirements. These include standard Monday to Friday cover, extended cover if, for example, a client requires 24/7 365 days cover, and enhanced cover which can include a stated number of training and system programming visits per year. Each contract is subject to a state set of SLAs. Alternatively, maintenance is available on a pay and repair basis for those clients who like this flexibility.

We employ a team of manufacturer trained, fully resourced engineers to provide on site service to customers with equipment from a variety of manufacturers including Ericsson L.G., Ericsson, Avaya, & Siemens.

We operate an audited service desk with dedicated staff who log and track requests for service throughout the process through to completion.

Remote Working

Staff who are away from your main workplace often or who work from home can now have access to the company communications system without having to be situated in the office. This “remote worker” technology allows the used to have a company telephone extension anywhere in the world.

Calls between your office and remote workers are free of charge, making it easy for you to contact your staff. Your employee travel time is reduced and flexibility of working hours is increased.

Mobile Extension

Your staff no longer need to be unavailable when they’re away from their desks. Their existing mobile can be programmed to ring with their desk phone and calls┬ácan be easily transferred from their mobile to other fixed or mobile extensions that are associated with your telephone system.

Conference Rooms

Avoid arranging and paying for professional teleconferencing services by using the telephone systems built in “virtual conference room” facility. On demand conferencing available for your and your colleagues at the touch of a button.

You can host conference calls without the need to pre-book a room and improve productivity and minimize travel by connecting groups of people together in a virtual space.

Hot Desking

When a number of staff are out of the office for most of the time and have no need for a permanent place, we can provide a dummy extension that allows each user to log in and out of a shared telephone.

By sharing equipment in this manner, savings are made for your business in system requirement, office furniture and office overheads.